About us

Bread is Beautiful mission is to give Brussels people more choice, by offering them a rich variety of quality breads.

The breads at Bread is Beautiful are carefully selected: they are all fresh, handmade, natural and esthetically beautiful. There is bread for everyone: rye bread made 100% with rye, spelt bread made 100% with spelt, wheat bread, low carbohydrate bread, flour-free bread, bread made with fruits, white and dark bread, bread for children and bread for the entire family.

We work with experienced bakers from different countries in Europe who make unique creations.

  • They specialize in perfecting only certain types of bread, and this tight focus achieves the highest standards.
  • Ingredients are natural and organic, of the most demanding quality
  • They use old or select strains of grain and specially milled flour
  • They follow unique artisan methods; using special stone ovens, select scented woods in the cooking fire, rare antique milling equipment, and centuries old recipes.

All this makes for the quality and uniqueness of our breads. They are healthy for you and a pleasure to eat.