Welcome to your source of traditional, 100% rye, handcrafted sourdough breads from Nordic Europe. Typical in most of the countries around Baltic Sea (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark) these dense, dark, moist, sweet and sour breads are a fragrant and delicious addition to your daily diet.
They come from a small non-industrial bakery in Lithuania, handcrafted in small batches, do not contain any additives, E-substances and preservatives, made with superior quality flours and delivered to Brussels every week without freezing.

There are two ways to buy this delicious bread:

  • Find me on Place Luxembourg on Tuesdays, at the open air market, or
  • visit My Facebook Shop and order via FB Messenger. I will soon integrate the same store on this page too 🙂

What people say about our breads:

“I totally loved the selection of breads and oh the taste was just amazing. I highly highly recommend it! Homemade, tasty and nutritious bread just like we had when growing up”.

“Indeed, this bread is beautiful… and tasty too.. Once you try real bread it is impossible to go back to processed types…”

Very nice and tasty selection of high quality bread for a fair price, and friendly personal service. I’m a fan!”

“Des produits vraiment délicieux et en plus sains!!! Que demander de plus”

“Super bon il y en a pour tous les goûts!!!”

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